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Jon OsborneJon Osborne
Having asked for recommendations for a professional CV writer on Stratford Forum I want to thank Marilyn Farmanfarmai for coming to my rescue at short notice. She's done a fantastic job of rewriting & condensing my CV and if anyone else needs a good CV I can highly recommend Marilyn. I'll definitely be asking for her services again.
Dawn Milman-Hurst, CEODawn Milman-Hurst, CEOEqual Approach Limited
Marilyn has been our SHL Assessor for the past five years, providing primarily an online service for SHL Scenarios, OPQ Personality Profiles and Ability Tests. She has always been highly responsive to our needs, which has entailed delivering to tight turnaround times we often experience as a leading recruitment company.Marilyn has also been happy to advise on the most appropriate assessments when we have been engaged in major campaigns, or bidding for a contract.Very happy to recommend her.
Cath HeathCath HeathStrengths in Action
Ref the eBook Taking the Fear Out of Interviews"how refreshing to see a practical guide that does so much more than give superficial tips and yet doesn’t ‘blind with science’. Marilyn draws on her many years of experience sitting on both sides of the fence to put together the most comprehensive and readable ‘self-help’ book I have come across on this important topic. One of the most valuable aspects is the insight Marilyn gives interviewees of the interview process, demystifying the whys and wherefores of tools and approaches that can often intimidate. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone starting out or with a career change in mind to read this eBook – whilst it won’t guarantee success it will put you on the right road and ensure you have the confidence to put your best foot forward!’
Steve BuchananSteve BuchananTech Talent (Mobile Apps and Gaming Recruitment)
I set up Panorama Consulting with Marilyn after we were made redundant from our previous roles at Spring Technology. Both at Panorama Consulting and Spring Marilyn was a pleasure to work with and was always available to help her staff and peers with some wonderful ideas and opinions. Her professionalism was of the highest order, and she has an amazing attention to detail. Marilyn is a very strategic thinking and often overcame situations where most would fail or give up. One of her many strengths was always being focused on achieving her projects ahead of time and below budget.   I would have no hesitation in recommending Marilyn as she would not just help anyone who would chose to work with her. Marilyn would be an 'absolute asset.'.
Helen JonesHelen JonesGlobal Sunrise Solutions
Marilyn is passionate about helping people and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in mentoring and supporting others. She is extremely experienced in strengths based coaching and enabling people to enhance their personal development journeys.
As a small but specialist consultancy business, Brunton Consultancy often works with Associates and Partners to support projects.  We have completed a highly successful project which involved writing a recruitment toolkit for a highly niche sector within Higher Education.  The project required extensive consultation with key stakeholders on a national basis, followed by development of a customised toolkit that took potential users through every stage of the recruitment process from development of job descriptions and compliance with the Hay or HERA job evaluation process, to interviewing and making effective recruitment decisions.  Marilyn was fundamental to the success of this project and worked tirelessly to help produce the finished toolkit within budget and on time.  She is a true expert in the recruitment field with an eye for detail, a flexible approach to work and the commitment to get the job done." 
Gillian SimpsonGillian SimpsonBusiness and Marketing Consultant
Marilyn has a very professional and reassuring communication style.  She has a ready smile and is not afraid to maintain a silence when needed. Marilyn is able to ask the searching question required to get beneath the superficial. This can be difficult and sometimes a little uncomfortable to answer but Marilyn builds up a level of trust such that this is never intrusive and it is essential to delivering value to the personal feedback.Marilyn took me through the areas where at extremes these strengths could present as weaknesses. Some of these were known to me and we discussed how I have developed techniques to identify and manage situations where this could occur.
Andrea CookeAndrea CookeHR Business Consultant, IACC Consulting
Marilyn is excellent at putting people at ease and she coached very naturally to bring out much more from the session than I expected.I was already aware of my strengths and development areas, but this has really helped me to identify the times when I go into overdrive and how I need to learn how to manage these times.