Online Assessments

If you are engaged in recruitment or employee development programmes, I am pleased to offer you a highly responsive online assessment service for the SHL  and  Strengthscope® range of psychometric tools.

Benefits of Personality Profiling

  • Brings objectivity into the recruitment or development process
  • Gives insight to a candidate's preferred behaviour style and likely impact on performance
  • Identifies best-fit candidates against job competencies

Benefits of Strengths Assessment

  • Deeper awareness of a candidate’s individual natural strengths and how they optimise performance.
  • Identifies potential. Behavioural competencies show what a candidate has done, natural strengths /talents show more clearly what a candidate is naturally motivated to achieve.
  • Reduces the need for subsequent personal development trying to make a “weakness” into a ”strength”
  • Increases retention and morale. New employees are fully engaged and positive team members.
  • Higher productivity. Sustainable and consistent motivation to achieve personal and business goals

Benefits of SHL Ability Testing

  • Rigorous online ability testing
  • Standalone or particularly powerful if used in conjunction with the OPQ
  • Suitable for all job levels

For more detail, please download sample reports for my most popular assessments.