Do you feel you are in the wrong job?

Some people feel they are in the wrong job but have difficulty defining what the problem is specifically, they just know it is not’ right’.

Typical signs are:

  • Wishing Monday was Saturday!
  • You react more and plan less, often feeling as if you are on automatic pilot.
  • You have become sensitive to criticism, even when it is constructive.
  • You perform the tasks but your heart is not in to generating fresh ideas for your company or your team.
  • You feel undervalued.
  • You aren’t really interested in the company but you must earn to pay your bills
  • You don’t feel that you can be the natural ‘You’.


If you do feel this way, then how do you know what is the right job for you?

  • When you are excited and looking forward to the work day ahead
  • When you can see a long term future, not necessarily with the same company but in your career choice
  • When you feel it will give you opportunities to develop and grow.
  • When you are earning enough to meet, or exceed, your needs.
  • When you feel confident in different situations at work.
  • When you are relaxed and letting your personality shine through.
  • When you can focus easily and be totally absorbed in what you are doing.
  • When you can say – “I love what I do!”


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