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A Job for Life?

How many times have you heard people say that a “Job for Life” no longer exists? Well, in my view, they are right and they are wrong. I agree that the days are gone when anyone could expect to join a company and see a secure future to their retirement days. Various recessions have been […]

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8 Tips for successful CV writing

If you are looking for a new career, you will be well aware that an effective CV will open the interview door for you. It will get you to where you need to be so that your personality can take over. Up to that point, your CV must reflect not only your experience but also give […]

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Getting the interview but not getting the job?

Current forecasts in today’s job market look promising with One in three job seekers expecting to get a job in the next two months ( and Demand for professional talent up 22% on 2013 as business confidence reaches an all time high (Apsco – trade body for professional staffing). These are just two examples of […]

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Tips for dealing with redundancy

1. It starts with the right mindset You’ve been told that it is your job role which has been redundant, not you and you know you should not take it personally. This is true, but it still hurts and it’s best to accept that there will be an initial period when your self-esteem will be […]

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Do you feel you are in the wrong job?

Some people feel they are in the wrong job but have difficulty defining what the problem is specifically, they just know it is not’ right’. Typical signs are: Wishing Monday was Saturday! You react more and plan less, often feeling as if you are on automatic pilot. You have become sensitive to criticism, even when it […]

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