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Many people believe that Lifestyle is just about the size of their bank account and loads of leisure time. I believe Lifestyle is all about being able to live the life we want to live,which comes in many different guises. If you need to earn a living, having a fulfilling career is integral to enjoying life, whether you are employed or working for yourself.

Being successful at interviews is key to having a rewarding career and I can help you through the many challenges you may encounter.

So what's on offer?

Interview Coaching

  • It's all about you - helping you get where you want to be
  • Helping you help yourself - learning the skills to apply now and in the longer term
  • 'Walking the Talk' - practical support, not just theory
  • Skype or face-to-face, depending on location
  • No Risk - 100% customer satisfaction money-back guarantee. If you do not feel you are getting value for money, I will refund your payment without delay

121 Coaching

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